ACCIONA INGENIERÍA wins for the second time at the international FIDIC Awards

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ACCIONA INGENIERÍA wins for the second time at the international FIDIC Awards

ACCIONA Ingeniería receives one of the prestigious awards of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC 2016 for the project "Málaga New Western By-pass. Section: Motorway AP-7 - Link Road MA-417. Churriana tunnel".

The international FIDIC awards recognize engineering projects that stand out for their innovation, quality and professional excellence; their respect for the principles of transparency and integrity; and their sustainability and respect for the environment.

This year, the FIDIC has recognized the detailed design of Section I, between the AP-7 motorway and the MA-417 road, for the uniqueness of the passage of this dual-carriageway under the Sierra de Churriana with 2 tunnels, one for each carriageway, 1,270 m in length.

The main challenge of the commission was strict compliance with the deadline of 12 months for the development of a project that required major geotechnical investigations, because of the large dimensions of the bi-tube tunnel and a 220.9 m2 vaulted section, a section which is necessary to accommodate four lanes, two shoulders and two pavements. This implies a maximum width of 17.8 m and a maximum height of 13.5 m.  

The detailed design was carried out in compliance with the Environmental Impact Statement, which meant ensuring the protection and conservation of soil and vegetation, the hydrologic system and water quality and wildlife. Likewise, the project considers the atmospheric protection, cultural heritage, noise abatement measures, protection against erosion, environmental recovery and landscape integration of the work.


The Málaga New Western By-pass is a major road transport infrastructure engineering project that responds to a demand from users of the A-7 dual-carriageway corridor of the Costa del Sol, i.e. the availability of a high-capacity alternative to avoid both passing through the city of Málaga, and using the current by-pass, which has become insufficient to accommodate the increased traffic on the Costa del Sol. 

The number of users directly benefitting from the opening of this new infrastructure is more than 60,000. These include both occasional long-distance travellers on the A-7 on the Costa del Sol and medium-haul travellers entering the city of Málaga on a daily basis from the coastal area of the province.

ACCIONA Ingeniería had already received the 2014 FIDIC award for "Outstanding project" for its Madrid M-30 Madrid Rio project.

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