ACCIONA Ingeniería takes part in the Technical Conference organised by Puertos del Estado (The Spanish Ports Authority)

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ACCIONA Ingeniería takes part in the Technical Conference organised by Puertos del Estado (The Spanish Ports Authority)

ACCIONA Ingeniería has taken part in a Technical Conference focusing on the Design of the Maritime Configuration of Ports, Approach Channels and Harbour Basins (ROM 3.1-99), the Recommendations for the Design and Construction of Berthing & Mooring Structures (ROM 2.0-11) and the Paris MoU.

The event, organised by the public port management body Puertos del Estado and the Spanish Professional Association of Maritime Pilots, was held on 7 and 8 November 2016 at the Puertos del Estado headquarters and is addressed to professional Maritime Pilots.
The ROM programme comprises a set of Recommendations issued by Puertos del Estado for the design and construction of maritime structures. The application of such recommendations is mandatory to all designs sponsored by the Port Authorities and to high-profile designs.

In the framework of this conference, two lectures have been given by ACCIONA Ingeniería. The first one, "Plan and Elevation Dimensioning, Design Bases and General Design Criteria" by José Manuel González Herrero, Head of Maritime and Hydraulic Engineering, focused on the essential features that influence dimensioning of a berthing and mooring structure.

The second lecture on behalf of ACCIONA Ingeniería was given by Daniel Zamora Serrano, Head of the Maritime Works Department on the "Definition of Design Status and Situation" and addressed several features that define the actions undertaken upon the structure, such as geometrical parameters, atmospheric and climate agents, vessel operations and the configuration of the berthing and mooring system.

This is not the first ROM-related event in which ACCIONA Ingeniería has taken part. Since its origins, experts from ACCIONA Ingeniería have participated in the Technical Committees of the ROM Programme in charge of discussing and approving the Recommendations. Back in 2004, ACCIONA Ingeniería gave a lecture on the drafting of ROM 2.0-11, which in the end was published in 2011.

ACCIONA Ingeniería also participates in the Practical Specialisation Course in Maritime Engineering organised by the Demarcación de Andalucía (the Coastal Authority of Andalusia), Ceuta and Melilla and the Professional Association of Civil Engineers, which is held in Seville and has recently finished its eighth edition.

In addition, ACCIONA Ingeniería also contributes with two lectures to the Master's Degree in Port and Coastal Engineering organised by the Port Authorities of Las Palmas and Tenerife, the University of La Laguna and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Master's Degree is held alternatively in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in Las Palmas of Grand Canary.

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