• ACCIONA net profit up to €186 million (+132.1%)

    Fecha: 07/26/2018

    Ordinary net profit, excluding capital gains on the sale of CSP plants in Spain and of Trasmediterranea, amounted to €100 million (+25.6%)

  • ACCIONA registers Ordinary Net Profit of €157 million (+35.2%)

    Fecha: 11/08/2017

    Results reflect good progress across all business lines and substantial improvement of company's financial conditions


  • ACCIONA to focus on selected growth opportunities and new markets in renewables and infrastructure

    Fecha: 05/18/2017

    The company will maintain a strict policy on returns and risk management when analysing new projects. 

    Strategy will focus on markets where the company is already established, such as Chile, Mexico and Australia, as well as countries in Southeast Asia where it does not have a presence, and infrastructure projects in the United States. 

    The company has earmarked 1,000 million euros for investment in 2017, which is "in line with its ambitions and sound strategic position". 

    The Chairman announced that the process of transforming the company's funding approach is now complete  

    The meeting approved the appointment of Ms Karen Christiana Figueres as an independent director, and the payment of a dividend of 2.875 euros gross per share (+15%).

  • ACCIONA net profit increased by 21% in the first quarter

    Fecha: 05/12/2017

    Revenues amounted to €1,634 million (+15%), broadly due to growth in the international infrastructure business (+45%). 

    EBITDA increased by 8.5% to €301 million, driven by 118% growth in Construction. 

    Net debt was up 7% as a result of higher investments, basically the acquisition of Geotech. 

    Financial expenses were reduced by 26% as a result of the group's new funding approach

  • ACCIONA strengthens presence in Australia with Geotech acquisition

    Fecha: 03/08/2017

    The deal, which values Geotech at €188 million, accelerates ACCIONA's expansion in a market with great potential for infrastructure development 

  • ACCIONA increases net profit by 70% to €352 million

    Fecha: 02/28/2017

    EBITDA totalled €1,192 million (+1.5%), with Infrastructure and Other Activities compensating the sharp drop in electricity prices in Spain.

    Future growth is assured with a 21% increase in the construction backlog, to €8,140 million, and planned additions of 700 MW of power generation capacity following successful auctions in Chile, Mexico and Australia

    Gross capital expenditure increased four-fold to €916 million at the same time as the debt ratio improved to 4.3x EBITDA

  • ACCIONA 100% Ecopowered, the first electric car to finish the Dakar Rally

    Fecha: 01/15/2017

    The only zero-emissions top-level rally vehicle proved the potential of renewable energy - even in the world's toughest motor event.

    The car overcame all adversities in a race that was particularly complicated because of extreme weather conditions.

  • ACCIONA 100% Ecopowered faces decisive stretch of the Dakar Rally

    Fecha: 01/08/2017

    The zero-emissions car has reached the rally's half-way point after stage 6 was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

    After a 20% abandonment rate among in the Cars class, ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered is advancing in the challenge to demonstrate the efficiency of renewable energy in the world's toughest land rally.

  • ACCIONA 100% Ecopowered is ready for the toughest Dakar in ten years

    Fecha: 12/30/2016

    The rally is being held in Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina from 1 to 15 January.

    The vehicle has proven the efficiency of renewable energy in top-level competition, having ended the last Morocco Rally in fifth place in its category.

  • ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered returns to the adventure of the Dakar Rally

    Fecha: 11/15/2016

    The first and only 100% electric vehicle to complete in a point-scoring event in the international FIA calendar will take part in the historic Dakar Rally for the third time
    The ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered car demonstrated the efficiency and potential of renewable energy sources once again in the latest edition of the Rally of Morocco
    The Dakar will take place from January 1st to 15th over a route that crosses Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina

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