Sustainable construction

Research makes it possible to valorise waste so it becomes the material of the future.


Outstanding R+D+i Projects


    The overall objective of the Trans-IND project is to develop a profitable construction process that offers the greatest industrialisation capacity of transport infrastructure elements (road bridges, pedestrian walkways, retention walls, noise and safety barriers...) made of reinforced polymer materials (fibreglass and carbon): the Trans-IND system.

    It will be tested using the components of a bridge as a pilot case given the immense production and erection complexity they present.

  • Profilometer (CDTI)

    The general objective of the project is to technologically develop the first prototype of a high performance device (profilometer) capable of providing gross surface data of the characteristics and state of a road surface. These data will enable automatic and visual inspections of highway road surfaces and, in a later phase, the proper calculation of indices and the development of new indices with better characteristics.

  • Used tyre drainage layers (Spanish ministry of the environment).

    The development of a technology that uses shredded Used Tyres as an alternative material to build drainage layers at Solid Urban Waste landfills.

  • Prometeo (CENIT)

    The development of new knowledge and intelligent technology related to organic and ceramic materials aimed at improving productivity and business development in the area of sustainable building.

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