Economic prosperity and social wellbeing call for the parallel development of infrastructures that facilitate mobility and commercial transactions.

Our main challenge is to satisfy the growing world infrastructure needs and do so in an environmentally acceptable way. Our ambition is to continue leading the way towards sustainable development and contribute with our business approach to creating solutions for a better future.

To continue successfully progressing in this direction, we are positive that the battle lies in establishing management variables that make it possible to effectively include all of the environmental vectors in the company's principal decision making processes.

Likewise, we maintain an active R+D+i policy in the search for new construction materials and methods that reduce the environmental impact to a minimum. Moreover, we conduct detailed impact studies for all projects requiring this in order to take measures to preserve the environment where they are developed.

ACCIONA Engineering is also at the forefront in the search for public-private cooperation  formulas to finance infrastructures. This solution looks to be a powerful instrument for accelerating the execution and commissioning of the infrastructure needed for the progress of our communities.

In short, at our company we are committed to growing economically while assuming the basic pillars of sustainability: economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.

Our Sustainability Report provides an account of our sustainable performance.

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