Sustainability Master Plan

ACCIONA’s Sustainability Master Plan develops the Company’s sustainability strategy.

ACCIONA's Sustainability Master Plan (SMP 2015) was born directly linked to the vision and mission of the Company in line with the strategic business priorities. ACCIONA has taken up the task of mitigating the new risks and challenges arising from Climate Change and Sustainable development, as well as responding successfully to the opportunities that emerge.

These activities are promoted by the Board of Directors' Sustainability Committee, which is responsible for supervising and approving the SMP 2015's objectives.

In November 2011, the SMP's objectives and commitments were reviewed and its time scope was extended. The resulting Sustainability Master Plan (SMP 2015 is a road map that lays down the objectives that we need to meet if we are to keep our place as leaders in sustainability. The SMP 2015 also enshrines a commitment to tie business to sustainable development and create the necessary competencies and capabilities.

The SMP 2015 identifies and classifies all of ACCIONA's sustainability-related activities, and is made up of nine areas: Innovation, Environment, Society, People, Value Circle, Good Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, Dissemination and Leadership, and Accountability.

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