Occupational risk prevention

ACCIONA Engineering has adopted a management system based on globally recognized standards to be applied to the Company's overall objectives, sustainability and continuous improvement.

Aware that Occupational Health and Risk Prevention Management concerns everyone who works at the organisation in line with their different levels of responsibility,ACCIONA Engineering has adopted a Management System based on the Management's general objectives, sustainability and continuous improvement for the company's activities under certificates of renowned prestige such as the OHSAS 18.001-2007 Standard.

Our focus on Occupational Health and Risk Prevention is materialised from a perspective of the fundamental rights and values of health, physical integrity and respect for people, teamwork, active employee participation and the application of the best preventive techniques and strategies at all times based on legal requirements and the company's own rules.

Our view of prevention must be considered an initiative aimed at satisfying the organisation's needs not just to merely comply with the law but also directed at management systems that have an effect on everyone around us such as suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, official bodies, workers' representatives, etc.

Our employees' active participation is required for this focus to be successful and that is why we encourage their direct participation with measures such as physical suggestion boxes at all of our worksites and via the Intranet.

Permanent innovation and the development of management tools based on information and communication technologies is needed to articulate the huge conglomerate of knowledge the organisation holds. These tools make up an integrated management system; and therefore, a real platform to foster a culture of prevention within the organisation.

Plus, we have implemented a communication system based on different formats in order to motivate a state of positive alert. We call it Plan 100.  Plan 100 is aimed at achieving a psychosocial impact by reinforcing attitudes, creating new opinions and modifying beliefs with respect to occupational risk prevention so that we can permanently change organisational behaviour over time and, particularly, reinforce it during periods when there is a low number of incidents or serious events.

ACCIONA Ingeniería  has made a commitment to continuous improvement in occupational risk prevention.


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